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Existing Markets can fill their vendor spaces and solicit vendors with a particular product line. They can even refresh their market with new and different vendors.

Within the towns and organizations, many of you have the same questions.

Can you run our own event?

The answer is YES.  Most definitely!!!

Is coordinating an event a lot of work?


Does it take commitment?


Are there people willing to make that commitment?


Is everyone capable of managing an event?


Will I need to beg people to get this done?

YES  Maybe NO

We will provide information on how to run an event.  We will have tools on this site that will assist you in coordinating your event.

The big question is...

Can you run a profitable event and keep the proceeds for the purpose of the event?

YES, why should you give up a considerable amount of money when there are individuals who are willing to make the commitment and accomplish the task.  Most likely, you already run events, but what you don't have is the list of vendors. That's where we can assist.  Imagine entering a new Event and when you activate the event, all vendors within 125 miles are automatically emailed with the event information,  You can select for them to contact you directly or direct them to the Event listing on VendorsInc.  Either way, you will be reaching out to several vendors and they will know about your event in a matter of minutes.

We also provide a layout page to show the layout of your event.  All you need to do is place the Spot numbers in the grid.  This will allow the vendors to see what spots are available.  You can also select to have the vendor purchase their spot or spots directly on VendorsInc. We will accept credit card payments directly from vendors.  The event coordinator can keep track of the vendors who have signed up directly on VendorsInc.  The layout grid will identify Sold Spots, Open Spots and Held Spots.  A vendor can also hold a spot for 24 hours maximum and can not repeat a consecutive hold request.



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